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Pencil sketch + Photoshop

Please click on the pictures if you want to see a bigger image

These are 3 quick sketches I did as an exercise to explore the Manga style. There are subtle differences between the drawings but they could get stylized even further if I wanted to. I didn’t want to lose my soul entirely so there is still a lot of my own style embedded on these characters (specially the 1st one). Saying that, I grew up watching a lot of Anime in the 80’s and I can’t deny the influence it has on my artwork.

I chose to do the sketches using different themes (Gritty Fantasy, Steampunk and Cyberpunk) to keep me more entertained. All the little notes next to the characters, I made them up as I went along. I like twisted takes on faery tales so I played with the idea of a warrior-like Little Red Riding Hood – very original, I know, indulge me 😛

When it comes to illustration and design I like to keep an open mind. I always try to think on the best approach for what the client is requiring, I have no problem adapting my style to suit the job at hand.