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Shadow Play

Posted: February 25, 2013 in digital art
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2D Digital.

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Carrying on with the cyberpunk theme from my previous post (cherry blossoms and cyborgs included), I just created a scene while I was listening to the Yoshida Brothers.

I like how this cyberpunk background is presented with a hint of shadow puppetry (hence the title of this post), showing two warriors facing off following a timeless code. It is like marrying together past and future and it does make it for a believable scenario.

When I said “a timeless code” I’m referring to the Bushido, which is a code of moral principles that the Samurai followed in feudal Japan. It translates literally as the Way of the Warrior; the philosophy behind it has evolved, survived and is still observed by many people around the world, traditional martial artists in particular. But originally it was, among other things, an instrument of control and as a such a perfect match for a cyberpunk mega corporation.