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Photo illustration. Wacom Intuos 5

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Three years ago, in order to celebrate the blog’s first anniversary and as a way to thank all the readers for their support, I made a simple competition. I asked: what would you like me to illustrate and why I should choose you as the winner.

I chose to illustrate a cover art for Andrew Aston’s (a.k.a. Lord Lucan or LL) Flesh Trilogy, portraying Vash, who is a corporal from an Imperial Guard Regiment called the Lychen Guard. The character is quite complex, as described by the author:

“Vash is essentially a psychotically barbarian warlord figure, a failed neophyte who fled from his chapter when they turned renegade, fleeing to the world of Lychen. He is a mad butcher, with a cheerful streak to match his insanity. He is a seven foot giant, with a shaven skull, permanently bloodshot eyes, a skulll with a lower jaws which terminates in a bear trap-like bionic jaw and wields a great eviserator blade into battle.”

The Lychen Regiment itself is formed from a world bound to a death cult that worships the God Emperor as a god of war and butchery. Flesh Trilogy is a Warhammer 40k fanfic, if you want to know more about it check this post.

The illustration I did for LL was alright but retrospectively I don’t feel it worked well as a book cover, you can have a look here. You know, more often rather than not, when you see an old painting you start thinking about all the changes you’d do, destroying your own artwork to pieces. So rather than going back to the illustration I decided to make a completely new cover that I feel works a lot better than the original. 🙂



Ball-point pen on paper

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This is to date the biggest drawing I’ve done using a ball-point pen: A3, and now I really want to try drawing on larger dimensions. My problem is time and space but I’ll work a way around. Completing this illustration has taken me more time that I’d like to admit… just over 70 hours. I haven’t rushed and I have used a normal Bic, all the shading is done by the different pressure you apply to the pen, as simple as that.

Caligula Kaddon is a character created by Razhbad, one of the many talented writers at the Bolthole and this illustration pictures his warband. This particular group of Chaos Space Marines worship Chaos Undivided and I think are mostly renegades from the Black Legion.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be working on a colour illustration, it is for a project I’m very excited about. I’ll let you know more about it in time 😛


Just to give you an update!

I just had some days off work last week and I was able to spend some time inking Caligula Kaddon. So far I have around 33 hours shading this drawing and I reckon I’ll need at least another 20 hours to finish it off. Bear in mind this is a full A3 and I’m not rushing it at all, I’m really enjoying working on it.

Some people tell me that they wouldn’t have the patience to spend so much time on a single drawing. But when I’m shading I truly lose track of time. Hours pile one after another and I don’t even feel hungry (which is very unusual!). My mind just go to different places and I find myself at peace.

I have to admit that as much as I like doing colour illustrations digitally, I much prefer my trusted ball-point pen 🙂

On another note I’ve updated my blogroll and my links in general. Sadly there were many Warhammer blogs that have died and I have taken off my list. I try to keep the links up to date, I find very handy to have all Warhammer related links in one place. I have added few new blogs from some of the Bolthole folks. If you happen to know about any interesting links related to Warhammer that are not listed, please let me know. Also, if you happen to have linked this blog to your own, please let me know so I can return the courtesy 😀


Pencil on paper.

I’m quite enjoying drawing these Chaos Space Marines. As you can see this is just a sketch, I haven’t even finished giving weight to the lines. But I was really eager to show you what I’m doing at the moment – I’m really itching to start shading this artwork with my trusted ball-point pen. I might even take it to Photoshop and paint it.

I meant to do this drawing long time ago, it is inspired on a Warband created by Razhbad, one of the many talented fanfic writers at the Bolthole. I’ve however taken a lot of artistic license as I couldn’t help myself and got lost adding details to the drawing. Caligula Kaddon’s (the mean looking guy with the axe) gear supposed to be pretty standard Black Legion, there is no mention of him wielding an ancient relic… but hey 😉

I want to start doing more complex pieces this year. More action, more people… more gothic space opera.


Photoshop + Wacom Graphire3

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Over a year ago I did a sketch of Sgt. Gileas Ur’ten (which you can find by clicking here). Gileas Ur’ten is a character created by the talented Sarah Cawkwell (A.K.A Pyroriffic) for some short stories about the Silver Skulls. I promised Sarah I’d illustrate a colour version of Gileas some day… and here we are 🙂

From the Lexicanum:

“The Silver Skulls are a successor Chapter created during the Second Founding and are said to be among the most renowned and honoured chapters of the Second Founding’s ranks. They have earned a reputation for victory, no matter the odds. They claim lineage from the line of the Ultramarines although records are hazy on the matter. Given the number of successor chapters who take their genestock from this great line, however, there is no dispute.

The chapter takes its name from its tradition of claiming the heads of their opponents, coating them in silver and then displaying them as trophies of battle in their ships and vaults.”

If you’re interested in the Silver Skulls, there is a book written by Sarah Cawkwell called The Gildar Rift to be released in December, you can check it out at the Black Library.


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Ball-point Pen on Paper

From the Lexicanum:

“The Adeptus Custodes are the guardians of the Imperial Palace and the Golden Throne, as well as being the personal bodyguard to the Emperor. A small elite of three hundred Custodes, known as the Companions, form the Emperor’s personal bodyguard and never leave his side. Due to the vast size of the Imperial Palace, the Custodes always act as a defensive army. The Custodes themselves never leave Terra, and only rarely leave the Palace.

It is the Adeptus Custodes that decide who may enter the throne room of the Emperor, and when.”

The Adeptus Custodes are larger and stronger than the Space Marines, they are not mass produced as the Astartes are. They are trained as Bodyguards rather than soldiers; they excel in the art of assassination – in order to counter possible assassination attempts to the Emperor.

An interesting fact about the Custodes training is what they call the Blood Games: an exercise were some members of the Custodes act as enemy fighters and attempt to penetrate the security of the Imperial Palace on Terra. On the subject, there is a short novel by Dan Abnett contained in Tales of Heresy (the 10th book in the Horus Heresy series) called… Blood Games. Worth reading – I’m a confessed Herr Abnett fan.

I meant to post this drawing back on June, but I had problems finding an A3 scanner. I’m loving drawing on A3 format rather than A4, I’d love to try bigger sizes even. But until I can make some space at home where to fit a proper drawing board I’ll have to stick to my A4-A3 sketch pads.


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Black ball-point pen on paper.

According to the Lexicanum, the Codex: Sisters of Battle 2nd edition states: “A sign of the Sisters strength is the fact that in their entire history only a single sister, Miriael Sabathiel, has fallen to the lure of Chaos. How Miriael fell is unknown, only that she was turned from the Emperor’s light to Slaanesh worship, and now serves as one of the prince of chaos’ greatest warriors.”

Miriael’s combat prowess is well documented: her blade killed Khorgath, Champion of Khorne. Her bolt pistol executed Justicar Tankrius of the Grey Knights. Her machinations trapped Autarch Eliathon of Ulthwe.

Most images portrait Miriael on her prime: a Champion of Slaanesh, glowing runesword in hand, armour sealed with demonic wards. But I wanted to explore a different angle. It is said that Miriael’s most powerful weapon is he siren’s beauty, so I wanted to show Sabathiel at the beginning of her falling; naked and wielding no weapons – looking almost fragile. Get drawn into her eyes, get lured by her flesh… is your will going to be strong enough to resist?