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We are moving!

Posted: March 2, 2013 in wall of text

After years blogging using WordPress I decided to finally integrate my website and my blog. It has taken me hours to upgrade the website but it hasn’t been overcomplicated, I’m quite impress with the tools that WordPress are offering.

My website now doesn’t look so, let’s say, rustic. The theme I’m using is also fully responsive, it has been designed to look great on all types of mobile devices and browser. This should help me out in the eventuality of me going 100% Freelance. As things stands now, if I want to keep doing what I love, I’ll have to do it as self-employed. It is that or to change career path.

I am very frustrated to say the least, but hey, I’m still fighting.

If you want to leave any comment on my website, please just head to the blog and drop us a line. I don’t mind if you prefer to write in English, Spanish, Catalan, Lithuanian or any other tongue; all languages are welcome 🙂

Please update your blogrolls or subscribe to the new blog:

I am keeping this blog on hold, I’m not going to delete it any time soon.



Front Cover for a Magazine, a personal project. Photoshop + Illustrator + Indesign.

Endings & Beginnings. Funny, that was the title of my first post on this blog back into 2009 and I couldn’t think on anything more appropriate for this entry. As you may noticed I’ve changed the blog’s theme and the main title from “Portraits of War” to “Forjador’s Sketchbook”.

Many changes are happening in my life right now. If you’re familiar with Judo, it is like being thrown by a stronger and more technical fighter. When you get caught you just need to keep your chin tucked in, go with the throw and breakfall. You’ll live to fight another round, and another, and another, because to surrender is not an option in life – you keep fighting.

I’ve been made redundant at work and my last week ends with the month. The company is outsourcing our jobs to India… in the spirit of the motto: Keep It Local. But there are not hard feelings, that was a business decision and we knew we were only a number. It is however a wake-up call for me. I can do better. So I’m taking a month off to get myself ready for my next step.

One of the things that I’m doing is expanding my horizons. I’ve been so focused the past few years showing the art I do for Warhammer as a fan but there is so much more I can do. Warhammer will always be a passion of mine and the reason I started blogging but I want to show on this blog the artwork I do regardless of the subject. That’s why I’m changing the blog’s title. Don’t get surprised if you start seeing me posting artwork about Guild Wars 2 (that I’m going to be playing as from tomorrow!), any other subject besides gaming or any of my personal projects. I want to push myself to the next level, I want to improve my technique and be more adventurous – I want to take more risks. I may be posting sketches or works in progress more often as I will be much more critical with my final pieces 🙂

I have also updated my website and I will continue doing so on a regular basis. I am as well open to commissions as an Illustrator/Graphic Designer.


P.S. I hate Comic Sans 😀

My Corner

Posted: April 29, 2012 in My Corner, wall of text
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Working areas can be interesting places, they can tell you so much about a person. I’ve a small house and with no room to spare (yet) I’ve claimed a corner in my living room, my corner.

My corner is warded by a fierce looking Spawn wielding a 2-handed runic sword. He keeps an eternal vigil, stoically standing over his tall tower of books. He knows the importance of his task, for such books contain the core of my inspiration.

To my wife’s dismay the wall of books that surrounds my corner keeps growing. I have around 150 books next to/on/in/underneath my desk and many more on shelves around the house. I like the smell of them, the texture of the paper and the weight. Don’t get me started about e-books…

I don’t know for sure when this fascination for books began. But I remember fondly when I was just a child and I used to go to visit my grandad over the weekends. He had a massive library at his study, tall shelves with books of all sorts. He would let me go loose and explore this magical room to my heart content and some times he would read countless stories to me, his eyes shining.

Now over 30 years later I’ve my own collection of books of all sorts. I don’t have a big study I’ve just a corner, but it is my corner. And when I see the books towering over my desk I feel like that little kid once more, my eyes shining.


Manuel Mesones’ Imaginarium

Posted: February 10, 2012 in wall of text

The past few days I’ve been busy working on my website. It was screaming for an update. Now it is simpler, cleaner and very easy for me to keep updated. Have a look! Manuel Mesones’ Imaginarium. I still have to upload some artwork on the Design section, but the Illustration section is all set 🙂

I want to thank my good friend and colleague James Senior for his help with the HTML on my website. James is a gentleman, a scholar and a graphic designer extraordinaire  among other things.

I’ve also just realized that this month Portraits of WAR is celebrating its 3rd birthday… Wow, doesn’t time fly by? I’ll have to think on something to commemorate the event 😛

Plans for this year. Well, I’ve lots of things in mind I want to illustrate, but first of all I want to finish the drawing of Caligula Kaddon. I think I’ve mentioned this before but I’m loving drawing on A3, I’d adventure to even bigger formats but I lack the space for now.

On the gaming side of things, Skyrim kept me out of trouble for a while (still does). Star Wars: The Old Republic is keeping me entertained – as you may know I’m a confessed and unashamed altholic. I’m looking foward to Guild Wars 2 and few other games on the horizon (keeping my fingers crossed for the Warhammer 40k MMO). Sadly I can’t see any changes on Warhammer Online to make me want to go back. We needed 3 factions damn you! But you never know…


Ballpoint pen & Photoshop.

Click here for a 1024×768 Skaven wallpaper

“One would imagine the private collection of a witch hunter would have some distressful books. But I never imagined to find such detailed information on the fabled ratmen. If the writings of the late inquisitor carries any truth… Sigmar protect us all.”
-Brother Matheus Einhander.

Skaven, ruling by claw, tooth and deceit.

I’m dreaming again of an expansion introducing a 3rd faction into the game, let’s summarise the different clans that could make an appearance:

Skryre, The Machine Builders:
The Skryre are master engineers that excel on crafting weapons and war machines. Their technology is solely based on the manipulation of warpstone in all its forms.

Moulder, The Beast Masters:
The Master Moulders are architects of the flesh, skilled in using warpstone to create all manner of mutant monstrosities like the fearsome Rat Ogre.

Pestilens, The Plague Makers:
Clan Pestilens are religious zealots, worshippers of the Horned Rat, they are devoted masters of disease and decay. They work constantly to create new diseases, spreading the gospel of the Bringer of Pestilence across the world.

Eshin, The Death Bringers:
Clan Eshin are lords of the night, master assassins skilled above any other killer in the arts of murder, terror and sabotage.

—Special mention—

Grey Seers, Chosen of the Rat God:
Born with pure grey or white fur and possessing goat-like horns, the Grey Seers are powerful sorcerers, prophets and visionaries.

In game terms I’d say each clan could produce:

Skryre: RDPS
Moulder: Tank with pet(s)
Pestilens: Healer
Eshin: MDPS

A Grey Seer could replace the role of either Skryre or Pestilens. They suppose to be rare though that wouldn’t stop the lore to be bent once again.

I know the subject has been discussed over and over on different blogs, but hey I think a 3rd faction it’s not only feasible but necessary.


And the winner is…

Posted: March 15, 2010 in wall of text

Let’s start announcing the winner: Lord Lucan!

Some of you know I’m an Imperial Guard fan, “First and Only” by Dan Abnett, was my introduction to Warhammer 40k novels. 

Lord Lucan’s envision of this unique Imperial Guard regiment is just fantastic. I’m really looking forward to illustrate Corporal Vash and I feel honoured Lord Lucan is placing his trust on me for this.

For those that don’t know, Lord Lucan is a member of The Black Library Bolthole forum. Many talented fanfic writers are among their lines. If you’re a Warhammer enthusiast I whole heartly recommend to pay them a visit. They are a friendly bunch of people with a lot of knowledge about Warhammer to share.

I want to thank everyone that participated, I really like your ideas and they will take shape at some point in one way or another. I also want to thank the support I’ve received from Warhammer Alliance, Warhammer Vault,  Shadowwar, Gaarawarr, Rivs, Werit and OneShard. They all run successful gaming sites or blogs and they hold Warhammer very close to their hearts.

On another note, I have returned to Warhammer Online. I’ve created some Chaos in Karak-Norn (EU) and I have transfered my dawi to Karak-Azgal (EU). I’m going to take a Marauder, Chosen and Squig Herder to level 20 and then decide which one I like more. Any advice about those classes will be appreciated.

This means I’ll be in the mood to illustrate epic battles portraying the forces of Destruction -I so want to sketch some chosen!

Perhaps off-topic, but I’m still experiencing problems with my new PC so I haven’t been able to do any digital illustration -and this is driving me mad. Hopefully I’ll have it sorted soon. I have booked some holidays before Easter and I’m planning to paint and sketch to my heart’s content!


If you are a Warhammer fan I have a proposition for you. To celebrate the first anniversary of the blog, and as a way to thank you all for your support, I want to make an illustration just for you!

  • Do you play Warhammer RPG or Warhammer Online and you’d like to bring your character to life?
  • Are you a fanfic writer that would like to have a cover for your masterpiece?
  • Do you want to see your alter-ego as a Space Marine? (just like I did with Herr McNeill’s pic)

As long as it is part of Warhammer’s universe it is good: from a Warrior Priest to a Necron, from a Black Orc to an Astartes. Everything is game.

Just reply to this post telling me what would you like me to illustrate and why I should choose you as the winner. The answer that I like the most will get the prize. But there can only be one!

I’ll have this post open for a few weeks and then I’ll announce the winner. Depending on the complexity of the scene to be illustrated this could take several weeks to complete.

On a side note, I’m having problems with my computer and I have been unnable to do any digital painting lately. I hope to resolve this promptly!