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Pencil sketch + Photoshop

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These are 3 quick sketches I did as an exercise to explore the Manga style. There are subtle differences between the drawings but they could get stylized even further if I wanted to. I didn’t want to lose my soul entirely so there is still a lot of my own style embedded on these characters (specially the 1st one). Saying that, I grew up watching a lot of Anime in the 80’s and I can’t deny the influence it has on my artwork.

I chose to do the sketches using different themes (Gritty Fantasy, Steampunk and Cyberpunk) to keep me more entertained. All the little notes next to the characters, I made them up as I went along. I like twisted takes on faery tales so I played with the idea of a warrior-like Little Red Riding Hood – very original, I know, indulge me 😛

When it comes to illustration and design I like to keep an open mind. I always try to think on the best approach for what the client is requiring, I have no problem adapting my style to suit the job at hand.




Pencil on paper.

I’m quite enjoying drawing these Chaos Space Marines. As you can see this is just a sketch, I haven’t even finished giving weight to the lines. But I was really eager to show you what I’m doing at the moment – I’m really itching to start shading this artwork with my trusted ball-point pen. I might even take it to Photoshop and paint it.

I meant to do this drawing long time ago, it is inspired on a Warband created by Razhbad, one of the many talented fanfic writers at the Bolthole. I’ve however taken a lot of artistic license as I couldn’t help myself and got lost adding details to the drawing. Caligula Kaddon’s (the mean looking guy with the axe) gear supposed to be pretty standard Black Legion, there is no mention of him wielding an ancient relic… but hey 😉

I want to start doing more complex pieces this year. More action, more people… more gothic space opera.


Pencil on paper.

I’m going to shade this sketch with ball-point pen. I want to contrast Miriael against the Dark Eldar, her pale skin appearing to shine over the towering warrior submerged in shadows. I’ve some ideas I want to try as well so I may take this one to Photoshop for some experimentation.

Let’s see how it goes 🙂


Some people have been asking me about my approach to digital painting. So I thought to take my last illustration as an example. First thing you should know is that I love drawing, specially black & white: pen, ink, pencil, charcoal… it doesn’t matter. There is something about drawing that I find very appealing, it just connects… and makes me lose track of time 🙂

We can say everything starts with a mental image. I like to take mine to a piece of paper (though many artists start sketching straight away on the computer using a Wacom). I sketch freely on pencil, sometimes I decide to shade the drawing with a ball-point pen (that is my favourite technique), sometimes I just leave the drawing as a line art. Either way, once I’m happy with the results, I scan the image and take it to Photoshop – like the picture below.

The next thing I like to do is to get rid of the white space. I use a plain colour as a background and this is going to dictate the mood of the artwork. Then I start placing solid blocks of colour to separate the different elements. On the image below I’m still keeping the line. At this stage I was still deciding if I was going to paint this “comic style” (keeping the line and airbrushing the artwork) or to lose the line and go for something more complex.

On this occasion I decided to lose the line. I started working on lights and shadows to give the piece some volume. I also started amending or changing things here and there, like for example, on Malakai’s goggles – see if you can spot the difference 😛

Lastly, my favourite part. I work on all the details, correct the colours and add textures. I’ve to be very careful or this stage would be never-ending! I could spend an eternity just messing around with the artwork. At some point I require of some mighty willpower to let it go…

This was just a very brief explanation about my approach to digital painting. I haven’t mentioned any technicalities: how many layers I use, what kind of brushes, etc. But if you have any questions please feel free to ask. 🙂


Ball-point pen on paper.

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I’ve been relocated at work, which means a longer commute. The first thing I’ve been doing when back at home is turning on my computer to play a match of Bloodbowl… Let me tell you is a good stress relief! I picked up the game not long ago from Steam – 75% OFF was an offer I couldn’t refuse!

I haven’t play the tabletop but I’m absolutely loving the PC version of the game. There is a new one coming out soon with tons more armies, really looking forward to it! Here is the link if you’re interested:

For the record I’m playing with good ol’ humans, the recommended race for beginners. I really like their versatility. However, the most comical race has to be the goblins – not surprise there. To see a troll hurling a gobbo to score a touchdown is just priceless 🙂


Pencil on paper.

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I’ve been spending some time doing some sketches of Vash. At first I tried drawing straight in Photoshop using my Wacom, but I didn’t feel comfortable by doing so. My Wacom is an old Graphire, it is ok for painting I suppose but it doesn’t suit me for sketching. I’m about to invest on an Intuos4, just a small one, to feel the difference. I’ve been told that it is very responsive and a world apart from any other Wacom, can’t wait to try it out.

What I’m planning to do next is to take this sketch to Photoshop and expand it a bit. I want to make Vash standing over a pile of dead enemies in middle of a battlefield. The mad Sergeant is on a berserker frenzy, crazed eyes, eviscerator in hand – he has surrendered his being to the God-Emperor in his own twisted way… The Lychen’s way.

If you’re curious about who is Corporal Vash or the Lychen, just read my previous post. 🙂


Ball-point pen, pencil & Photoshop.

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Corporal Vash is the main character from the ‘Flesh’ trilogy by Lord Lucan. Corporal Vash is part of an Imperial Guard Regiment called the Lychen Guard. The character is quite complex, as described by the author:

“Vash is essentially a psychotically barbarian warlord figure, a failed neophyte who fled from his chapter when they turned renegade, fleeing to the world of Lychen. He is a mad butcher, with a cheerful streak to match his insanity. He is a seven foot giant, with a shaven skull, permanently bloodshot eyes, a skulll with a lower jaws which terminates in a bear trap-like bionic jaw and wields a great eviserator blade into battle.”

The Lychen Regiment itself is formed from a world bound to a death cult that worships the God Emperor as a god of war and butchery. If you are curious about Lord Lucan’s fanfics, you can find them at the Black Library Bolthole. ‘Flesh Sacrifice’, Book One of the ‘Flesh’ trilogy, can be found here.

I created these sketches after I started reading ‘Flesh Sacrifice’. Lord Lucan seems to be pleased with the results so I’m now ready to begin a colour illustration of Vash in action. There are some memorable characters in the novel that I’d like to illustrate later on besides the infamous corporal; the Commissar Emeline comes to mind.

Blood for the Emperor! Skulls for his Golden Throne!