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I meant to post about this a few weeks ago. The Black Wind’s Whispers is available now on  and also on At the moment there is only the Kindle Edition but remember you can read Kindle Books on smartphones, computers and tablets by downloading the Free Kindle Reading Apps.

I designed the book cover for this anthology which was good fun. What is the book about? Here is the description from Amazon:

“In generations past and, surely, generations to come, ancient tales of demons and monsters persist. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, mummies, gargoyles and more. Some endure, familiar as they are terrifying. Others wear new faces and take new forms.”

From the twisted minds over at the Bolthole writing forums comes nine fantastic and dark tales of horror. Managed by James “He2etic” Fadeley. Edited by CS Barlow and Andrew Aston, it features tales by Andrew Aston, Alec McQuay, Simon Howers, Jeremy Daw, Johnathan Ward, Robbie McNiven and Keanu Ross-Cabrera, including a story by special guest author, veteran horror writer CL Werner, here is proof that you can teach an old monster new horrors…

I hope you all are having a good holiday and I wish for the next year to be a better one.



Photomontage, Photoshop + Wacom

To see a bigger picture please click on the image.

This is the book cover I’ve designed for the horror anthology: The Black Wind’s Whispers. I can’t disclose much about it at the moment, but it is a collection of stories created by a selection of talented writers from the Bolthole. The theme is nouveau classic monsters and they are looking at a release date later this year. The anthology will be available as an e-book on Amazon.

The master mind behind this project is James Fadeley (a.k.a. He2etic) and I’ve to say it’s been a pleasure to work with him. We’ll have to do it again 🙂

I know I normally stick to post my Warhammer fanart, but as the good folks at The Black Library Bolthole and myself share a passion for space opera and dark, gritty fantasy; I thought good idea to share this anthology with you all Warhammer fans.