We are moving!

Posted: March 2, 2013 in wall of text

After years blogging using WordPress I decided to finally integrate my website and my blog. It has taken me hours to upgrade the website but it hasn’t been overcomplicated, I’m quite impress with the tools that WordPress are offering.

My website now doesn’t look so, let’s say, rustic. The theme I’m using is also fully responsive, it has been designed to look great on all types of mobile devices and browser. This should help me out in the eventuality of me going 100% Freelance. As things stands now, if I want to keep doing what I love, I’ll have to do it as self-employed. It is that or to change career path.

I am very frustrated to say the least, but hey, I’m still fighting.

If you want to leave any comment on my website, please just head to the blog and drop us a line. I don’t mind if you prefer to write in English, Spanish, Catalan, Lithuanian or any other tongue; all languages are welcome 🙂

Please update your blogrolls or subscribe to the new blog: http://manuelmesones.com/artblog/

I am keeping this blog on hold, I’m not going to delete it any time soon.



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