Endings & Beginnings

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Graphic Design, wall of text
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Front Cover for a Magazine, a personal project. Photoshop + Illustrator + Indesign.

Endings & Beginnings. Funny, that was the title of my first post on this blog back into 2009 and I couldn’t think on anything more appropriate for this entry. As you may noticed I’ve changed the blog’s theme and the main title from “Portraits of War” to “Forjador’s Sketchbook”.

Many changes are happening in my life right now. If you’re familiar with Judo, it is like being thrown by a stronger and more technical fighter. When you get caught you just need to keep your chin tucked in, go with the throw and breakfall. You’ll live to fight another round, and another, and another, because to surrender is not an option in life – you keep fighting.

I’ve been made redundant at work and my last week ends with the month. The company is outsourcing our jobs to India… in the spirit of the motto: Keep It Local. But there are not hard feelings, that was a business decision and we knew we were only a number. It is however a wake-up call for me. I can do better. So I’m taking a month off to get myself ready for my next step.

One of the things that I’m doing is expanding my horizons. I’ve been so focused the past few years showing the art I do for Warhammer as a fan but there is so much more I can do. Warhammer will always be a passion of mine and the reason I started blogging but I want to show on this blog the artwork I do regardless of the subject. That’s why I’m changing the blog’s title. Don’t get surprised if you start seeing me posting artwork about Guild Wars 2 (that I’m going to be playing as from tomorrow!), any other subject besides gaming or any of my personal projects. I want to push myself to the next level, I want to improve my technique and be more adventurous – I want to take more risks. I may be posting sketches or works in progress more often as I will be much more critical with my final pieces 🙂

I have also updated my website and I will continue doing so on a regular basis. I am as well open to commissions as an Illustrator/Graphic Designer.


P.S. I hate Comic Sans 😀

  1. Spike says:

    May the force be with you!

    I also hate Comic Sans . . . it’s the typographical equivalent of dog’s vomit!

  2. forjador says:

    Amén to that Spike!

  3. bullbeard says:

    heya Forjador! was passing by to wish ya best of luck with yours new projects! and who know, might even be we’ll meet again in GW2 one day har!.. so bad ther aint Dwarfs there…

  4. forjador says:

    Hey Bullbeard, nice to hear from you buddy. I’m playing GW2, Spanish server though, but I can pay you a visit to which ever server you’re playing. Send me an e-mail with your name and I’ll add you to my contacts. 🙂

  5. Laiator says:

    Felicidades! Te acabo de nominar por los Liebster Awards.

    Es un poco largo de hacer, y si no apetece lo entiendo. No hay compromiso, pero yo te he nominado y quería hacerlo saber que estás en mi post.

    Que tengas un feliz martes!

  6. forjador says:

    Muchas gracias Laia 🙂

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