Caligula Kaddon: Chaos Undivided

Posted: June 20, 2012 in ball-point pen, Warhammer 40k
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Ball-point pen on paper

To see a bigger image (and I mean bigger!) please click on any picture.

This is to date the biggest drawing I’ve done using a ball-point pen: A3, and now I really want to try drawing on larger dimensions. My problem is time and space but I’ll work a way around. Completing this illustration has taken me more time that I’d like to admit… just over 70 hours. I haven’t rushed and I have used a normal Bic, all the shading is done by the different pressure you apply to the pen, as simple as that.

Caligula Kaddon is a character created by Razhbad, one of the many talented writers at the Bolthole and this illustration pictures his warband. This particular group of Chaos Space Marines worship Chaos Undivided and I think are mostly renegades from the Black Legion.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be working on a colour illustration, it is for a project I’m very excited about. I’ll let you know more about it in time 😛


  1. Amazing stuff as always!

  2. forjador says:

    Cheers Grimnir 🙂

  3. I am in awe of where you get your ideas from, amazing patience and outstanding work and creativity.

  4. Guimo says:

    Buena Forjador-san…


  5. forjador says:

    @Adele: Thank you, yeah you need lots of patience for this, I just wish I had the time to do more 🙂

    @Guimo: ¡Que bueno que des señales de vida! Tenemos que ponernos al día, mándame un correo cuando tengas tiempo.

  6. Manuel de Csm!
    Soy GUstavo Aranibar…tengo una agencia de publicidad..
    Mandame tu portfolio web reel ….quiz as podemos hacker algo por aca..

  7. forjador says:

    Hola Gustavo. Me alegro que te haya gustado. Estoy en una situación un poco complicada de momento, pero me pondré en contacto contigo apenas pueda 🙂

    Un abrazo.

  8. Mona says:

    great linework and wonderful shading! 😀

  9. forjador says:

    Thank you Mona 🙂

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