Sketch: Chaos Space Marines: Caligula Kaddon

Posted: January 19, 2012 in sketch, Warhammer 40k, work in progress
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Pencil on paper.

I’m quite enjoying drawing these Chaos Space Marines. As you can see this is just a sketch, I haven’t even finished giving weight to the lines. But I was really eager to show you what I’m doing at the moment – I’m really itching to start shading this artwork with my trusted ball-point pen. I might even take it to Photoshop and paint it.

I meant to do this drawing long time ago, it is inspired on a Warband created by Razhbad, one of the many talented fanfic writers at the Bolthole. I’ve however taken a lot of artistic license as I couldn’t help myself and got lost adding details to the drawing. Caligula Kaddon’s (the mean looking guy with the axe) gear supposed to be pretty standard Black Legion, there is no mention of him wielding an ancient relic… but hey 😉

I want to start doing more complex pieces this year. More action, more people… more gothic space opera.


  1. Great Stuff, loving it a hell of a lot

  2. Mossy says:

    It looks awesome. And there’s no saying that Caligula couldn’t acquire such a weapon at a later date…

    (provided that he isn’t dead–I haven’t read the fanfic meself, honestly)

  3. forjador says:

    Thank you guys. I suppose there is always room for epicness 😛

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