Silver Skulls: Sgt. Gileas Ur’ten (colour)

Posted: August 21, 2011 in digital art, The Silver Skulls, Warhammer 40k
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Photoshop + Wacom Graphire3

If you want to see a bigger image please click on the pictures.

Over a year ago I did a sketch of Sgt. Gileas Ur’ten (which you can find by clicking here). Gileas Ur’ten is a character created by the talented Sarah Cawkwell (A.K.A Pyroriffic) for some short stories about the Silver Skulls. I promised Sarah I’d illustrate a colour version of Gileas some day… and here we are 🙂

From the Lexicanum:

“The Silver Skulls are a successor Chapter created during the Second Founding and are said to be among the most renowned and honoured chapters of the Second Founding’s ranks. They have earned a reputation for victory, no matter the odds. They claim lineage from the line of the Ultramarines although records are hazy on the matter. Given the number of successor chapters who take their genestock from this great line, however, there is no dispute.

The chapter takes its name from its tradition of claiming the heads of their opponents, coating them in silver and then displaying them as trophies of battle in their ships and vaults.”

If you’re interested in the Silver Skulls, there is a book written by Sarah Cawkwell called The Gildar Rift to be released in December, you can check it out at the Black Library.


  1. This is *wonderful*! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!

  2. […] the Bolthole’s Shoutbox and absolutely floored us with an amazing piece of work featuring Sergeant Gileas Urten of Sarah Cawkwell‘s upcoming book, Gilder Rift staring the Silver Skulls. Share […]

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