The Lychen: Corporal Vash (colour illustration)

Posted: October 30, 2010 in digital art, Flesh Trilogy, Warhammer 40k
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Photoshop + Wacom Graphire3

To see a bigger picture please click on the images.

Finally I’ve completed the illustration of Corporal Vash. He is the main character of Lord Lucan’s “Flesh Trilogy”. If you want to know more about it please check this previous entry: Sketching Corporal Vash

As usual, I could spend hours just working on little details or amending mistakes here and there, but this illustration has been taking too long already and I need to move on. I tried extending the drawing and placing Vash on top of a pile of corpses, I even added a Thunderer (siege tank) in the background; but it wasn’t working as it was too distracting. I wanted this painting to be all about Vash and Vash alone.

Working on the corporal has been a great experience and I’ll probably be doing more about the Lychen in future, though for now it is time to focus on another part of the vast universe of Warhammer. There are some unfinished Dwarven Heroes that needs my attention, I have plenty to do about the Silver Skulls, Nick Kyme’s Grimblades, Dan Abnett’s Eisenhorn/Ravenor and many more.


  1. Bullbeard says:

    Impressive! another good work lad. Lately your blog has become my first point of touch with Warhammer’s lore 🙂
    As for the game, i’m pretty mutch done so far…if only they were putting the same attention to details as you do in your drawns har!

  2. forjador says:

    Thank you old friend. Once again I’m taking a break from the game as well, I’m too busy to subscribe to any MMO at the moment. I still think WAR can be great, I’ll wait for the incoming changes to kick in before returning.

  3. Colonel Mustard says:


    Codex: Lychen has a cover. 😀

    Amazing work, sir, truly brilliant stuff. Now just for a few final bits of rules testing, and Codex: Lychen should be ready for the Alpha release.

  4. forjador says:

    That’s brilliant stuff Colonel Mustard! I’m looking forward to see the Codex: Lychen 😀

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