Ball-point pen, pencil & Photoshop.

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Corporal Vash is the main character from the ‘Flesh’ trilogy by Lord Lucan. Corporal Vash is part of an Imperial Guard Regiment called the Lychen Guard. The character is quite complex, as described by the author:

“Vash is essentially a psychotically barbarian warlord figure, a failed neophyte who fled from his chapter when they turned renegade, fleeing to the world of Lychen. He is a mad butcher, with a cheerful streak to match his insanity. He is a seven foot giant, with a shaven skull, permanently bloodshot eyes, a skulll with a lower jaws which terminates in a bear trap-like bionic jaw and wields a great eviserator blade into battle.”

The Lychen Regiment itself is formed from a world bound to a death cult that worships the God Emperor as a god of war and butchery. If you are curious about Lord Lucan’s fanfics, you can find them at the Black Library Bolthole. ‘Flesh Sacrifice’, Book One of the ‘Flesh’ trilogy, can be found here.

I created these sketches after I started reading ‘Flesh Sacrifice’. Lord Lucan seems to be pleased with the results so I’m now ready to begin a colour illustration of Vash in action. There are some memorable characters in the novel that I’d like to illustrate later on besides the infamous corporal; the Commissar Emeline comes to mind.

Blood for the Emperor! Skulls for his Golden Throne!


  1. […] Finally I’ve completed the illustration of Corporal Vash. He is the main character of Lord Lucan’s “Flesh Trilogy”. If you want to know more about it please check this previous entry: Sketching Corporal Vash […]

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