The Silver Skulls: Sgt. Gileas Urten

Posted: April 5, 2010 in ball-point pen, sketch, The Silver Skulls
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Black point-ball pen on paper.

To see a bigger version please click on the image.

Sergeant Gileas Urten is a character from Pyroriffic’s short stories for The Silver Skulls. The Silver Skulls, a successor Chapter of the Ultramarines, is a fanfic project that involves many talented writers from the Black Library Bolthole.

If you want to read good fanfic or if you are now curious about the Silver Skulls, just head to the Black Library Bolthole forums and check The Librarium. As I mentioned on previous posts, the folks at the Black Library Bolhole are a nice bunch of people, and now that the Black Library has not official forums this is the best place to chat about Warhammer’s universe. Some authors from the Black Library like C.L. Werner and Gav Thorpe post there -and you get the chance to ask them questions.

On another note, I’ve returned to Warhammer Online and I’m having a blast. I decided to reroll Destruction on Karak Norn (EU) and Order on Karak Azgal (EU). I’m starting from scratch and I don’t have a character past level 20 yet. To the Order I’m very familiar as I played my dawi till T3 and T4 months ago. But I’m pleasently surprised with the Destruction faction. I’m enjoying playing the Squig Herder, Chosen and Marauder; I couldn’t choose a favourite as I like ’em all.


  1. Bullbeard says:

    And another great draw! as usual in your works, you can really see how a details-maniac you are 😀
    Here i love the use of light, how it seems to reveal the carachter standing out from the shadows…saying somthing like: “are you looking at me?”

    btw i’m glad you’re enjoing destruction in karak norn, so maybe when my Bullbeard will come back too (planning to give him a month or two of try, after all those new patchas released) he can show you how heavy his axe has become har-har!

    take care,

  2. forjador says:

    Hey Bullbeard,

    This drawing started just as a pencil sketch but I decided to place ink here and there and at the end I got carried away with the shading…

    About the game, it is true I’m enjoying the Destro side in Karak-Norn but I couldn’t resist and I’ve created 3 dawi on Karak-Azgal, having much fun with my ironbreaker, engineer and runepriest. I’m an altholic and WAR is a game with really good classes. This would be the third engineer I take to T4.

    If some day my squig herder crosses your path, he’ll shave your beard and hang it on his spear as a trophy 😛


  3. bullbeard says:

    Ops! actually i was wrong, just cecked my profile on War-europe and my dwarf be in Karak-Azgal…hehe sorry lad but it seems my beard will be safe, at least for now 😀
    Well we’ll meet in game one of these days /toast

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