Portraits of War is celebrating a year of life!

Posted: February 15, 2010 in wall of text

If you are a Warhammer fan I have a proposition for you. To celebrate the first anniversary of the blog, and as a way to thank you all for your support, I want to make an illustration just for you!

  • Do you play Warhammer RPG or Warhammer Online and you’d like to bring your character to life?
  • Are you a fanfic writer that would like to have a cover for your masterpiece?
  • Do you want to see your alter-ego as a Space Marine? (just like I did with Herr McNeill’s pic)

As long as it is part of Warhammer’s universe it is good: from a Warrior Priest to a Necron, from a Black Orc to an Astartes. Everything is game.

Just reply to this post telling me what would you like me to illustrate and why I should choose you as the winner. The answer that I like the most will get the prize. But there can only be one!

I’ll have this post open for a few weeks and then I’ll announce the winner. Depending on the complexity of the scene to be illustrated this could take several weeks to complete.

On a side note, I’m having problems with my computer and I have been unnable to do any digital painting lately. I hope to resolve this promptly!



  1. Lord Lucan says:

    Hello. I have written a fan fic on the Black Library bolthole, which features an Imperial Guard Regiment of my own devising: that of the Lychen Guard. This is a Regiment formed from a world bound by the death cult of the haemovores, a cannibalistic cult which worships the God Emperor as a god of war and butchery. The Lychen are barbaric figures, covered in pelts and matted blood, daggers and knives, and their teeth and mouths have been cybernetically enhanced to aid the consumption of raw flesh; adamantine fangs, geat bionic jaws and so on.
    They are zealous monsters, who thrown themselves into battle with the emperor’s foes, and are a useful tool for the Imperium. As far as I can tell, my Imperial Guard Idea is relatively unique, and would love to see them realised in artistic form. They should be a cool thing to illustrate, having lots of details like skulls, pelts and various murdering implements. They would be a mix between the mad religious iconography of the Eccleisiarchy, combined with the brutal butchery and madness usually only seen in chaos based works.

    I humbly request that you produce an image depicting the main Lychen character from my story ‘Flesh Sacrifice’; Corporal Vash. Vash is essentially a psychotically barbarian warlord figure, a failed neophyte who fled from his chapter when they turned renegade, fleeing to the world of Lychen. He is a mad butcher, with a cheerful streak to match his insanity. He is a seven foot giant, with a shaven skull, permanently bloodshot eyes, a skulll with a lower jaws which terminates in a bear trap-like bionic jaw and wields a great eviserator blade into battle.

    Thanks for this opportunity to persuade you, farewell and, as the Lychen say:

    “Blood for the Emperor! Skulls for his Golden Throne!”

  2. shadowwar says:

    Congrats on one year of wonderful illustrations!

    Warhammer is such a giant universe for me to have to pick just one image or icon to choose something as what I would want created. I’ve played huge armies of Tyranid hordes, running, jumping, and flying down the field toward bunkered imperial guards. I’ve led the strike teams of Tau forces against the imperium as they ensured that the greater good be brought to the universe, wanted or not. I’ve cleansed chaotic heretics with the shining armor and weapons of the Daemonhunters, confident and sure of my justice. In Warhammer Online I’ve played a Disciple of Khaine, a dervish of swords and prayers, a Shadow Warrior, striking quickly and mercilessly with sword and bow, and a Knight of the Blazzing sun, charging into the enemy lines where battle is the most fierce.

    Still, when I think what Warhammer means to me, in it’s entirety, I think of the fun of battle. The chaos and mayhem that arises as plans fall apart, and goals need to be shifted. So for me, I’d love to see some type of battle image between clashing forces. If I was to pick one that would mean the most to me, it would probably be my Knight of the Blazing Sun from WAR, claymore in hands, charging into the forces of destruction, intent on victory or death.

  3. gaarawarr says:

    First off, congrats on the Anniversary man! It’s amazing how fast a year goes by huh? I totally forgot about my own somehow…hrm.

    Anyway, I don’t understand how more people aren’t entering this contest so I’ll have to make sure to hype it up on my blog as well as tossing my own hat into the ring as it were. 😉

    Why should you choose me? I haven’t written stories in the Warhammer universe, nor have I played the tabletop game. Basically, I play WAR, probably more than I should… 😉 I run a blog with lots of WAR info. I do what I can, in-game and out, to help promote the WAR community. That’s about all I can say other than “Why not?” hehe

    What would I like illustrated? What wouldn’t I like illustrated? lol. My IB surrounded by his in-game friends? My IB in some humorous pose, most likely naked? My IB’s bust contrasted with my own? A simple site logo? You’re the artist man and have far more creative ideas than I, so I’d probably leave it up to your artistic imagination in relation to those types of things.

    Regardless, it’s awesome that you’re doing something like this for the community! I can’t wait to see who wins as well as the end result.


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  6. OneShard says:

    Hello… I am just a fellow War blogger and not even one of the better ones see Bootae or Gaarawarr for that accolade.

    But I am proud to be part of the War blogging community and would love a replacement for the WCPI image.

    For this I would imagine a scene like the ‘Last Supper’ with Jesus and the 12 apostles. But instead of them a group of nerdy 30+ aged War players with phones, laptops and computers in front of them all dressed in armour from Warhammer Online.

  7. Vauleen says:

    Hey I love the art and have just recently run across your blog. And seeing as you are having a contest I would love to see my chosen brought to life.

    I really only came to know and appreciate Warhammer after starting Warhammer online which I have played since Beta. The lore and classes are awesome and much of the art in game is excellent. I especially love the Vulture Lord art. Oh course I have to remind myself to slow down and really take a look at the art that is Warhammer Online. Cause lets face it without art Warhammer online is nothing.

    Anyway I’d love to see my Chosen brought to life. I’d love to have myself dealing the final blow to Carl franz with Tzeentch looking on in the background. Better yet my blade through Carl’s chest while bowing to Lord Tzeentch. Maybe have Carls corpse with Blade in the foreground and myself and Tzeentch in the background. And really play up the darkness that Tzeentch emits from is person. The shadow that follows him and his control over over all chaos.

    I hope you understand where I’m going with this and of course that you’ll choose what I have proposed. Either way keep up the great art that you do.

    – Vauleen

  8. theerivs says:

    I just given you some love, and I saw how this blog started, Though I still love Warhammer, and Warhammer 40k. (I have a black legion tattoo 🙂 ) I no longer play WAR online.

    I really would like the piece of art to go to a Chosen, for that’s who I love.

    I have also been remiss in adding your blog to my new blogroll, as Way of the Chosen is now defunct. Keep fighting the good fight.

  9. theerivs says:

    LOL it’s on there. Brain fart. Your URL, and blog title differ, and I got confused. Stoopid whiskey!.

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  11. Hello. Since I first got into warhammer i have always liked the imagery of the tomb kings. And since i have also hated how some miniscule faction gets left out, i set about restoring the city of quatar to its former glory, to which end i now have over 3000 points of models in the cities army.

    The one problem i have gound while making the background for the city, and its prime characters (which will be show cased in may in the invocation, a web-zine by vampirecounts.net) such as Ken-Zhikara, ark lord of quatar.

    The basis behind Zhikara is that he is a high priest of the mortuary temple who guards over the soul caskets of the council of kings. Because quatars ancient rulers (in my fluff) have forgone infighting in favor of working together to restore thier city, the necropolis has been transformed into a warren of mountainside tombs encompasing thousands of chambers. in essence it is one huge fortress of the dead surrounded by a city with two great walls to either side, a fortress within a fortress.

    One of these chambers is the “gloom of shapesh” (shapesh is the nehekharan god of the underworld.) The chamber houses the caskets that contain the souls of all those who have wronged against the kingly council. As such the room is saturated with magical energy which twists about the caskets like a blue mist up towards the pedestal of holy commune where the hierophant of souls (Zhikhara) sits in trance. While in this trance Zhikhara is able to monitor, channel, and communicate with those souls trapped forever within the caskets, as well as being able to soul-search across wide expanses of the necropoli/city.

    This is what i would wish you to draw, an ancient liche priest arrayed in a trance amidst a sea of ornate caskets.

  12. forjador says:

    Maxwell: That’s a powerful image. I like it, I like it a lot. Definitely something I like to paint in future.

    Thank you for sharing your vision with us 🙂

  13. […] Following my previous illustration, I’ve designed the cover for Lord Lucan’s Flesh Trilogy. As some of you may remember, Lord Lucan was the winner of the competition I did celebrating the first anniversary of the blog. You can read about it here. […]

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