WIP: Dwarven Heroes -colouring process

Posted: January 25, 2010 in digital art, Tribute Series, work in progress
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01. Original Sketch:

02. Plain colours:

03. Giving it volume:

04. Volume + outline:

To see the original artwork click here.

On my first post of the year I wanted to show you what I’m doing at the moment. Most of my spare time is spent painting Dwarven Heroes. It is still very early but you can see more or less some different stages on the illustration. I’m still unsure if I’ll keep some of the original line at the end. I quite like the outline look but I’ll have to see how it blends with the rest of the illustration when is finished.

After giving volume to the dwarfs I’ll start bringing the background to life; I’ll save details and textures for the final touches – saving the best for last!

I’m throughly enjoying painting this illustration, I’m taking my time and not rushing it a bit. I suppose it is the advantage when you work on something with no deadlines. I have enough about deadlines at work!

As I mentioned on a previous post, I have a lot of ideas for future illustrations I’m sketching; but I’ll save those for another time 😛

Next month this blog will be a year old. I’m planning something special and it will involve you -Warhammer fans. I’ll keep you updated!


  1. Chappo says:

    Man thats awesome, pretty jealous 😛
    How long does it take you approx to go from 2-3?

  2. forjador says:

    Chappo, I’d say it depends much on the image. On Gotrek I think it took me over 3 hours and I still need to work on the textures and details. Bear in mind I’m not rushing it though, but I’m sure more experienced artists will take half the time if not less.

    On a side note, how it comes your blog wasn’t on my list? Nevermind, that’s been solved!


  3. Pepe says:

    Manuel los años dibujando y pintando te estan sentando bien, se siente la experiencia en el buen gusto y el detalle de tus ilustraciones. Felicitaciones 🙂

  4. Bullbeard says:

    Oi lad, glad to see yours great works grows…moreeee! we wanna moooore!

  5. forjador says:

    Pepe, gracias hombre, viniendo de tí me sienta muy bien el comentario 🙂

    Bullbeard, I’m glad to see you coming back for more 😀

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