Quick update

Posted: December 15, 2009 in wall of text

Just to let you know what I’m up to 🙂

Last few weeks, between Torchlight, Dragon Age and Siege of Mirkwood my spare time went down to cero. But I’m feeling refreshed by that!

Yesterday I have started working on herr McNeill’s tribute again. I know it was just a quick job, more of an experimentation than anything, but everytime I looked at it I was feeling disappointed with myself. Couldn’t stop thinking: I could have done this and that.

So I went from thought to action! I will be spending some time adding more detail to the illustration. So far I have redrawn the gun and it is already looking much better for it. 

After that I should be spending time on Dwarven Heroes. I have started painting it a while back, but I reached that stage where I like to work without interruptions. Christmas holidays should be ideal. I’m having some time off work at the beginning of next year also, so I’ll have plenty of time for myself soon.

Also, I have been sketching some Imperial Guard. There is a quite sexy image of a female Commissar I’m looking forward to bring to life.



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