Tribute: Graham McNeill

Posted: November 16, 2009 in digital art, Tribute Series
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Photoshop & Wacom.

I started this illustration as a bit of an experiment. There is a mix of photo manipulation and illustration. I did a print screen from one of the many videos that feature Graham McNeill, then I started playing with the image in Photoshop.

I was tempted to try and transform McNeill into Kaspar von Velten, the grizzled ex-general from The Ambassador Chronicles (one of my favourite WHF novels). But in fairness Herr McNeill is still too young to impersonate the veteran officer 😛

I have turned this illustration quite quickly on my spare time. For once I was not tempted to get lost into the details but more into the feeling, the concept.

Now I’m ready to continue painting Dwarven Heroes and sketching some more Warhammer 40K. Petitions are welcome 🙂


P.S. I have updated this artwork, you can check it here.

  1. Pip says:

    Very Nice!!!

  2. Kroiden says:


  3. nayrelen says:

    Perefect! Combibolter FTW!

  4. Sinnir says:

    Im always awstruck by your work 🙂 Nicely done!

  5. forjador says:

    Thank you all for the comments 🙂

    This is really a work in progress, there is lot of room for improvement. I’m tempted to pick it up again and work some more. I might do a that as a warm up 😛

    I have many things in mind, next year is going to be a busy one. I just hope I get the spare time I need to do all I want to do!

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