Archetype Series: Slayer

Posted: April 15, 2009 in Archetype Series, ball-point pen
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Let me introduce you to Gardar, the slayer. With him I’m starting a series of drawings I’m calling Archetype. I want to portrait different iconic units of the Warhammer universe.

I’ve drawn Gardar using a ball-point pen, but I’m considering making a colour version. I’d be working on colour pieces when I get enough free time (if) through the week. Meanwhile I’ll carry on drawing and sketching -it’s easier for me to do some drawings in my lunch hours at work. 😛

If you want to check a bigger version of the drawing please click on the image above or just check here.


  1. Gretha says:

    realy a great drawing.
    And I’m looking forward to the coloured version

    But shouldn’t his hear have a different shade of gray to represent orange in a B/W drawing?

  2. forjador says:

    Thanks Gretha. Yes I could have done some shading on the slayer’s crest, but I choose not to as I didn’t think it was going to look as good. It looks very clean as it is and I like that.

    Normally I try not to over do the shading, many times you get a good effect not by what you shade but by what you don’t.

  3. sneaksz says:

    Forj you never cease to amaze me! Really awesome bro!

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