Grom Karaz: Khazuk!

Posted: April 6, 2009 in ball-point pen, sketch
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As some of you know I’m a proud member of Grom Karaz, a dwarf-only guild in the european server of Burlok. This drawing is dedicated to the sturdy fighters and visionaries from past and present that made Grom Karaz possible.

On this drawing I wanted to capture the dwarven spirit by trying to combine elements from Games Workshop tabletop miniatures and Warhammer Online artwork. The armour is more or less what you do see in WAR, the proportions of the dwarfs and the poses are taken from GW miniatures.

If you want to see a bigger version of the drawing please click on the image above or check here. There is also a special version I’ve done for Grom Karaz you can find here.

I’m very tempted to put some colour on the drawing, but I’ve so many other drawings I want to do that I don’t have the time for that at the moment.

Talking about dwarfs, few weeks ago I’ve finished reading an excellent book by Nick Kyme called Oathbreaker. The book has a glossary that is very helpful for everyone roleplaying dawi. I’ll show here just an extract of some terms, if you like what you read go get the book now! 🙂

  • Dammaz Kron – Literally ‘book of grudges’.
  • Dawi – Literally meaning ‘dwarfs’.
  • Dreng Tromm – Translates literally as ‘slay beard’. It refers to a very serious lamentation during which a dwarf expresses his profound sorrow and desire to tear at his beard in shared remorse.
  • Dunkin – Annual dwarf bathing ritual.
  • Gnollengrom – This greeting is a mark of respect afforded to a dwarf who has a longer and more spectacular beard.
  • Grobi – Meaning ‘goblin’. The word grob, of which grobi is derived, also means green and can refer to greenskins in general.
  • Grundlid – Meaning ‘hammer tongue’, Grundlid is a secret language known in particular by miners and lodefinders.
  • Khazukan Kazakit-Ha! – War cry of the dwarfs, literally meaning ‘Look out, the dwarfs are on the warpath!’
  • Khazuk – The shortened version of the war cry ‘Khazukan Kazakit-ha!’
  • Kulgur – The art of cooking troll flesh.
  • Tromm – Meaning ‘beard’, but it is also a respectful greeting.
  • Umgak – Meaning ‘crudely made’ or of ‘shoddy craftsmanship’
  • Unbaraki – Literally meaning ‘oathbreaker’. There is no greater insult that one dwarf can level against another and one not to be used lightly.
  • Urk – Orc or enemy. This word also translates as ‘coward’ as all enemies of the dwarfs are considered as such.
  • Zaki – The zaki is the dwarf that has lost his mind and wanders the mountains.


  1. Wrekka says:

    Oi! Oi!

    Dat a good pikchur, stunty! You is jus’ full o’ knowin’ bits, aint ya? You keeps up da nice stuffs an’ maybe we looks out fer yer inky-fingers on da battlefield, runt!


    Oathbreaker’s a pretty good book, with plenty of dawi fluff contained in its pages, and even provides an interesting look at greenskin politics (what happens when a goblin’s in charge and how he stays there) with one of its subplots. I picked it up from the library just after the Slayer was introduced to WAR. Nice to see people reading and improving their fluff!

    Good stuff!

  2. forjador says:

    Oi Wrekka!

    Thanks for your comment 🙂

    Yes you’re right, Oathbreaker has a lot to offer not only for dawi but grobi and skaven as well. The fluff you can find in some books is amazing, for example I’m currently finishing Malekith by Gav Thorpe and even when is a “bloody elgi” book you can find very interesting stuff about dwarfs.

    If ye want tae find me inky-fingers just look fer Ferrus, Gardar or Torval. See ye on t’ battlefield urk!

  3. Bullbeard says:

    Exellent drawing Ferus, wish we could have it painted on ours standard.

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