Last Stand

Posted: February 28, 2009 in digital art, wallpaper
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Browsing the old journal we find a page that drags our attention, we can just translate the words: last stand.

This is an old drawing of mine I did long ago when I was playing Dark Age of Camelot, a good friend used to play a paladin and he asked me if I could draw his character.

I remember once we had a great adventure, we were fighting our way into the enemy’s lair but we got outnumbered. It was obvious that we were going to die, when suddenly our paladin shouted to the party: “Run, I’ll hold ’em!” …and he did. He bought enough time to save our healer. Little actions like that are what makes your gaming feel epic.

Going back to the drawing, as you can see the influence that Warhammer has on my style is quite evident. I could easily said this is a Knight of the Grail. In any case the spirit is the same. I wanted to capture the attitude of the tanking archetype: brave, commanding, tough, confident and loyal …until the end.

Last Stand

If you’d like to get the image at 1600×1200 you can find it here


  1. Dont says:

    Nicely done 🙂

  2. Troy says:

    Just one word: Awesome.

    I love this drawing, but the story is even better.

  3. Bullbeard says:

    Well done lad, another piece of art 🙂

  4. sneaksz says:


  5. PJ says:

    Amazing drawing, Forjador, as always. 🙂 I love the story. There are so many similar memories I have from Dark Age of Camelot. It was my first MMO and there’s just never been anything to come close to it for me…sadly, even Warhammer.

    But again…nicely done, sir!

    PJ aka Areyanna

  6. Wow, I’ve just made this my desktop wallpaper because it’s just so damn Warhammer. I know thats an abstract term to use but the feel is just so right for the Warhammer World. Keep it up your incredibly talented 🙂

  7. forjador says:

    Thank you for your comments chaps!

    Arey: Same here, I left DAoC a bit bitter (hated buffbots) but many of my best MMO memories come from Camelot.

    Inquisitor Goody: That make me feel honoured, thank you sir.

  8. Kenney says:

    Aaaww. I miss our days in DAoC. Lots of good times.

    Love the updated look. The old version has been in my wallpaper rotation for years and this will be for many more.

  9. Mutters says:

    Good Times, Good Times.

  10. Madskull says:

    Very nicely done mate!

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