The Lost Journal

Posted: February 22, 2009 in digital art, wallpaper
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Imagine for a moment a well seasoned witch hunter. Not your normal zealot but a truly templar of Sigmar. A man trying to understand a world plagued by Chaos. An educated swordsman with taste for drawing and writing.

Such a man surely would have an interesting journal. Think about the notes he would have written, the things he would have witnessed in his long career as a witch finder. The people, the places, the stories…

What if somehow you get hold of this forgotten journal from this nameless warrior. I guess it would look something like this…

Lost Journal - Wallpaper

I enjoyed making this wallpaper, if you’d like to get it at full size just follow the link: Lost Journal 1600×1200

If you’d like to see different sizes please let me know. If there is enough people requesting it I’ll do it.


  1. H says:

    Hi there – great looking paper, love it. If you get requests for other sizes, I’d like to add my vote for a 1280×1024 🙂

  2. sneaksz says:

    Forj man, that is absolutely sick dude! My new bg for awhile!

  3. Greg says:

    Forjador that is truly awesome! Great job on that artwork.

    Your drawings are just plain amazing, but combined with the dusty tome makes it even better! Keep up the great work and be sure to have a regular reader from myself. 😉

  4. Shiro says:

    Aside from the WAR branding, the concept is spot on for a lost journal page. 🙂

  5. forjador says:

    Thank you all for the thumbs up, I’ll be looking to create different sizes of this wallpaper in the near future.

  6. Svith says:

    Man i love all of your work, specially the dwarf stuff since i play em on the table top and theres just something awesome about this grim, born to be fighters.

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